US Health Care debate: scary Republican infographic countered by dreamy sherbet-hued Democrat infographic


Designer and BB pal Ehrich Blackhound points us to a GOP infographic about the Democratic health care plan (PDF). Source: Joint Economic Committee, Republican Staff Congressman Kevin Brady, Ranking House Republican Member, via

"I love how dense and jarring the design is," Ehrich notes, "As if to say "Your donor liver will be lost somewhere under this red arrow!"

But wait! There's always two sides to every pie chart.

"The Democrats have a response!" Ehrich says. "Soothingly designed, as if to say, 'Your new healthcare plan is like a day spa and as fun to play with as your iPhone. Also, it comes in several flavors of sherbet.'" Organizational chart of the House Democrat's health plan: Do not fck with graphic designers (Flickr, Robert Palmer)