Video from EFF panel/audience discussion on using technology in repressive regimes

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Danny O'Brien sez,

I've just came home from a great EFF panel/audience discussion on the interaction of the Internet and social networks with the Iranian protests in SF. The speakers on the panel were Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum, and Iranian commentator Cyrus Farivar.

There was a lot here, even for those who've been following the Iran election. Cyrus gave a historical context to Iran's use of the Internet (it was one of the first countries to have net connectivity in the region), Jake had some new stats and info on Iraq's censorship system, and we had audience contributions from bloggers and activists from Iran, Pakistan, and Brazil.

The talk starts around 56 minutes into this archive of the live feed; there's also photos and links, twitter discussion.

Video from tonight's EFF talk on Iranian Protests And Digital Media

(Thanks, Danny!)