Is this spot on Google Earth a clandestine Burmese nuke facility?

The oppressive regime that controls Burma/Myanmar is in the news this week after yesterday's sentencing of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kui over bogus "internal security" crimes. This related item: amateur online spooks using Google Earth have noticed an unexplained formation in the Burmese jungle which some believe may be linked to the state's clandestine nuclear program. Upshot: it's probably not, but that leaves wide room for other possibilities. Please post your most colorful conspiracy theories in the comments.


The main facility, which measures 82 by 84 metres, can been seen on satellite images published on both Google Earth and Google Maps Earth is showing a mysterious building in Burma's jungle that some commentators think may be linked to activity by Burma's regime to develop their own nuclear weapons like North Korea.

It features a pitched, blue corrugated roof, which, at first glance, makes it look like an over-sized swimming pool.

The large industrial complex is located in a rural area of central Burma, east of Mandalay near the town of Pin Oo Lwin.

That's the same zone in which defectors recently told two Australian researchers that the Burmese army had been building a nuclear research and engineering centre with support from North Korea and Russia.

Mysterious Burmese facility revealed on Google Earth (Sydney Morning Herald / Australia)