Lustworthy new Gerber multitool — BBG

Over on BBG, our Lisa's found a new Gerber multitool, the Gerber Crucial. The specs and image give me that head-to-toe multitool lust that has overtaken me only a few times before — once for the Skeletool and once for Gerber's old DIY mix-and-match tool. I've had about five Gerber tools over the years and every one of them was a winner. I'm off to buy one tomorrow. WANT. FWOAR.

For me to love a multitool, it has to be smart, strong, compact, and good-looking. The new Gerber Crucial is all of that — it folds up into a neat little less-than-4-inch long rectangle, has a knife with a straight and serrated blade, screwdriver heads, a bottle opener, pliers, and a wire cutter. Portability is important, too — I like that it has a carabiner for hooking and a belt clip for clipping onto things. The green and gray color combo is very classy.

Available for $45 at the Gerber Store in September, and at some online retailers now.

Gerber Crucial, a good-looking, functional multitool

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