bOING bOING advertisement in Factsheet Five #33 (1989)


I'm having fun going through old zines as part of my research for a book I'm writing on the DIY movement. Here's a page from Mike Gunderloy's zine-of-zines, Factsheet Five #33 (1989), which has an ad for bOING bOING. It also has a review of bOING bOING #1 on the previous page:

BOING BOING #1 ($4 CASH from Mark Frauenfelder, 712 Redacted St, Boulder, CO 80302): A delightful new zine for the neophiliac. Mark apparently was influenced by a lot of the same subversive literature that shaped my life, and now he's done something about it. The first issue features an interview with Robert Anton Wilson, book, zine and software reviews, wild predictions, comics, and much more. Nanotechnology, comics, libertarianism, drugs and sibling rivalry all play a part. An enjoyable romp through memespace.

It sure was fun poring over Factsheet Five with a highlighter. I'd order at least 30 different zines each time a new issue arrived.