Video snapshot: "Topless rights" protest hosted by Raëlian UFO clone sex cult

The Raëlians, a religious cult that basically gets you in the door with promises of free sex, then brainwashes you with a bunch of garbage about UFOs and cloning and giving all your money to the church, hosted a "topless rights" parade in Venice Beach today. Here's a short video snapshot I shot on my trusty iContraption. The parade was kind of a letdown, I was expecting more space aliens, or at least something with better art direction, like their Star Wars knockoffs. The premise of the march had something to do with the 14th amendment, and acceptance of the female body as a sacred vehicle for extraterrestrial meat-worship.

Moobs were displayed. Signs were carried. Some women paraded around with nipple-shaped pasties on. That's about it. Just another day in Venice.

Video snapshot: Raëlian Topless Alien Sex March, Venice (Warning: shows some dudes wearing bras, and some women walking around showing off their bewbs)

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