HOWTO induce gigantism in plants

Evil Mad Scientist Labs outdoes itself with a project to induce gigantism in plant-life using Gibberellic acid, which induces "frankly absurd growth" in many plants.

For the control sample (marked Kontrol) we soaked one tablespoon of washed and sorted beans in water for twelve to eighteen hours. We then rinsed the beans and poured off the excess water twice a day. For the experimental sample (marked Kaos) we did the initial soak in our 100 ppm Gibberellic acid solution. Twice a day we rinsed, first in water which was drained off, then in the Gibberellic acid solution, pouring off the excess. Both jars were capped with cheesecloth and stored in a dark cabinet when not being rinsed or photographed…

On day five, the experimental sprouts are definitely trying to escape. Sprouts are normally eaten on the fourth or fifth day, but we don't recommend eating the sprouts treated with Gibberellic acid (see MSDS).

Mad Science 101: Inducing giantism in living organisms