Climate Camp to London cops: We won't tell you where the next camp is because you keep beating the crap out of us

GyroMagician sez, "After Kingsnorth and the G20 climate change protests in the UK (and subsequent police violence), the police are trying to present a new, kinder, fluffier image. A protest is due in London this week, and the police would like to know where it will be. Climate Camp reply, and I don't think they're buying it. Result is hilarious. Linking to Guardian because they have been big supporter of activists, publicising police abuse."

Context: Climate Camp is a lawful, peaceful gathering of people (old, young, men and women) to talk about alternatives to environmentally devastating ways of producing and consuming. Earlier Climate Camps have been met by unprovoked and savage police assaults and harassment.

Climate Camp's YouTube letter shows the police's charm offensive has failed

(Thanks, GyroMagician!)