UK govt proposes idiotic two-strikes-and-you're-out Internet copyright rule

Glyn sez, "People accused of breaking copyright over the internet
will have their internet connections cut off under tough new
laws to be proposed by the UK government today. The decision
is noteworthy since it was ruled out by the government's own
Digital Britain report in June as going too far. The Open
Rights Group believes the government is breaking its own
consultation guidelines by bring in the proposals in the way
they have and asks people to write to their MPs."

Yet again, we see knee-jerk reactions and policy swerves, this time in direct contravention of the government's own consultation guidelines. Those guidelines are there for a reason: to make sure government policy is balanced and considered. We will be making a formal complaint.

The result of these proposals is likely to be protest, challenges and public arguments in the run-up to the General election. Popular movements in France, Sweden and elsewhere have kick-started over similar measures.

That will do nobody any good, neither politicians nor rights-holding industries, as copyright's reputation suffers further damage.

Copyright is under threat: from heavy handed business lobbying and simplistic enforcement proposals.

New fast-track P2P clampdown proposals announced today

(Thanks, Glyn!)