Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Amy Martin

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Carla and I had a nice time at the 2009 San Francisco Zine Fest on Sunday. This week and next, I'm sharing some of the photos I took of the zinesters who came to sell their comics and zines. I'll post a new photo each day.

This is Amy Martin; she's autographing a copy of her comic book, The Single Girls, for Carla. Amy's business card says she's "obscenely feminist." She's not obscene, though. The characters in her comics mainly discuss their hang-ups, lets-downs, and infrequent moments of joy regarding dating and sex. Her drawing styles is loose and lively. If Jules Feiffer were a woman and had a comic book based on Sex and the City, it might be something like The Single Girls. I liked it!

The Single Girls cost $6 and you can order it from her website, Amy Martin Comics.

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