Boing Boing on GOOD: Global Lives' library of human experiences

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For my latest essay on GOOD, I profile the Global Lives Project, a volunteer effort to create an online video library of human life experiences. From GOOD:

Rumi Nagashima, 22, navigates Tokyo in her wheelchair on the way to a girl scout meeting where she's the troop leader. In Ngawle Village, Malawi, Edith Kapuka, 13, is playing ball with her school friends before walking a trail to her small hut. Across the world in San Francisco, James Bullock, 57, steers his cable car up San Francisco's steep hills. And you? You're in the middle of it all. An array of video projectors immerses you in a day in the life of everyday people around the world. Look left, and there's Israel Feliciano, 23, a hip-hop singer in a favela of São Paulo, Brazil. Behind you is Muttu Kumar, 18, a postcard vendor hawking his wares in Hampi, India. This is an installation of the Global Lives Project, a volunteer effort originally launched to "record 24 hours in the lives of ten people that roughly represent the diversity our planet's population."

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