Fresh Greens: Crazy Excessive Electronics Packaging, Dismembered Rare Tigers, Making Music with the Moon and More!

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at TreeHugger. Enjoy!

Ultra Rare Tiger Dismembered at Zoo and Sold on Chinese Black Market
It's something you'd think would only happen in a movie. But one of only 400 of these rare tigers was literally taken apart at a zoo and sold off on the black market.

Inflatable Solar Panels Zip Together To Power Most Anything
This lightweight, inflatable solar panel concept brings renewable energy access to any building and without that pesky renovation.

First Gray Wolf Hunt in Decades Begins Today
Starting today, the gray wolf is about to be hunted for the first time in decades. Unless a judge steps in, hundreds are likely to be shot, starting in Idaho.

buBle is More than a Tent, Less than a House
Check out this awesome piece of design for a temporary home.

Borneo Tribesmen Armed with Blowpipes Block Roads, Stop Palm Oil Plantations
There's one way to put a halt to harmful production! A very concrete example of how roads into rainforests can bring indigenous people into the firing line.

Weird Solar Device of the Day: Hanging Basket Rotator
Do you need a special solar device to make sure your hanging plants get even sun? Maybe!

Moonbell Lets You Create Music Based on Lunar Topography
It's one thing to get music recommendations from your Pandora radio station. It's a whole other thing to have the moon craft what you're listening to.

A Minneapolis Couple Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary By Installing Rain Gardens For Their Block
Most couples toast to 50 years with a nice bottle of champagne, flowers, or maybe a weekend away. But not the Wolks!

California Hosts Gigantic Garage Sale to Raise State Funds
Can't balance your state's budget? Is a lack of funds causing hard working employees to take pay cuts and unwanted days off? Tired of sending out IOUs to cover your debts? There's only one thing to do: garage sale!

Wow…This Excessive Electronics Packaging Takes the Trophy!
I think half the people on my block heard me burst out laughing when I saw this image. You'll never guess what is inside this massive box. 10 new laptops? 5 flat panel monitors? Nope! Keep guessing…