Kenyan blacksmiths make bellows from cement sacks

Afrigadget has a wonderful post on two ingenious blacksmiths in Lamu, Kenya, whose bellows have been improvised from cement sacks.

Lamu Cement-bag Bellows (AfriGadget) from WhiteAfrican on Vimeo.

Adam and Abdul make all types of items, but they told me that their main products are anchors, which range from small to large (2000-5000/= or $26-65) and, chisels and coconut shellers. They create a lot of the small metal pieces on the local dhows, and also make doors and window frames for the homes in the town. Really, they can make just about anything that you desire, like experienced metal workers anywhere in the world. What's amazing is what they do it with.

Cement-bag Bellows in Lamu