Author John Scalzi "On The Asking of Favors From Established Writers"

John Scalzi's scalding and funny diatribe about why he doesn't give favors to unestablished writers applies to more than just writers.

3. The person who determines what a writer should do for others is the writer, not you. Why? Well, quite obviously, because it's not your life, and you don't get a say. And if you're somehow under the impression that well, yeah, actually you do have a say in that writer's life, take the following quiz:

Think of your favorite writer. Now, are you:

1. That writer?

2. That writer's spouse (or spousal equivalent)?

3. Rather below that, a member of that writer's immediate family?

4. Rather below that, the writer's editor or boss?

If the answer is "no" to the above, then guess what? You don't get a vote. And if you still assume you do, that writer is perfectly justified in being dreadfully rude to you. I certainly would be. I certainly have been, when someone has made such assertions or assumptions. And if necessary, I will be happy to be so again.

UPDATE: Here's Glenn Reynold's video interview with author John Scalzi.

On The Asking of Favors From Established Writers