COILHOUSE 03 is out, with a feature on Xeni + BB Video.


Buy Coilhouse #3 right here. We're big fans of Coilhouse Magazine over here at Boing Boing, so it was a special honor and delight when the gothtastically beautiful ladies who run the publication told us they were planning a feature on me/BB. I swear I'm not just vanity-blogging here — this whole issue is wonderful, and the fantastic illustrations by Stuntkid (aka Norfolk, VA-based artist Jason Levesque), including the unicorny one above, are the coolest ever. I love his work!


The physical artifact is gorgeous: rich colors, lush print quality, embossed glossy cover, beveled corners. The articles are great, and the same sort of material we'd cover here on any given blog-day: a photo-essay on the "pirate ghetto," Walled City of Kowloon; an avatar fashion spread shot by Gustavo Lopez Mañas (this is the cover shot), Marina Bychkova's creepy ball-jointed porcelain dolls, and an interview with Battlestar Galactica's conceptual captain Ron Moore. There's lots more.

I know the Coilhouse folks have been struggling of late to keep putting out such a high-quality, densely-packed publication in this crappy economy. Y'know how, some magazines, you buy 'em, then toss 'em right when you're done reading them — but others, you stick on your bookshelf and keep 'em forever? Coilhouse is a keeper. They're doing strong work in the true Boing Boing spirit of Happy Mutantry, and I hope you'll support them by buying a copy (or a t-shirt!) today.

* Link to Coilhouse issue #03 preview
* Flickr set with details of Stuntkid's illustrations.

(Special thanks to photographer Clayton Cubitt, whose work appears in the aforementioned feature; to Courtney Riot, who did the graphic design on this issue, and to Nadya Lev, Meredith Yayanos, and Zoetica, the co-editrix trifecta behind Coilhouse.)