Boing Boing Video: Coachella Time-Lapse (dir. Ray Klein, music by Hawke)

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Ever wondered what a giant, sprawling, three-day music festival in the desert would look like if it were nano-crammed into just a few minutes? Here you go. Boing Boing Video presents this ambitious timelapse video of the 2009 Coachella Music and Arts Festival directed by filmmaker Ray Klein.

Ray says:

This was my third year taking time lapse at Coachella, and it was one of the best.  I always find it interesting to see the ebb and flow of people throughout the day, and the hardcore fans who show up when gates open and lie out in the field in their bathing suits!  Coachella is always great about supporting the arts and this is another example of their commitment.  Enjoy!

The music you hear is "Everything is Happening At The Same Time," by Hawke, courtesy of Eighth Dimension Records. His new record, "+++," comes out next week.

Ray adds: "Special Thanks to Bill and Leo from Coachella for making it happen, Hawke and QBAM and Eighth Dimension Records for the music, and TJ Martin for the output."