Zeitoun Giveaway Haiku Winners

Bassam Tariq is a Boing Boing guestblogger who is the co-author of 30 Mosques. A blog that celebrated the NYC mosques during the Islamic month of Ramadan. He lives in Harlem, NY.


The McSweeney folks were going to give us five signed copies, but then Dave Eggers himself loved this Haiku idea so much he's giving us another five. So, we're giving out a total of ten signed copies of Zeitoun. How great is that?

We  had a blast reading all the entries. We went through them three times to make sure none of the 380 entries were missed. A big thank you to Lisa Katayama who also chimed in at the last minute and helped select some of the winning entries.

 It was really hard choosing ten, so in no particular order here are the winners!

Top Ten Haikus –

I need to read this

to know why Al Qaeda would

strike in a canoe

– Zagrobelny

I will not waffle:

Zeitoun defrosted my heart.
 Leggo My Eggers!

– gabius

Flooding and prison

Not as bad as office life

Try and prove me wrong

– 45Visigoth

The waters recede

Deeper problems are revealed

Please paddle faster

– jcartan

Raised in Bible Belt,

And just moved to New Orleans.

Want understanding.

– Maghrabi

They all felt the rain.

It rose back to the heavens.

Some folks swim there still.

– okalready

This was not the world

My fiction promised to me

Where are my jetpacks?
– JMike

Levees are broken

Foundations washed away

A book preserves

– inter_baltic

My grandpa just passed

He left me an old canoe

Teach me to paddle

– crankarms

Flooded New Orleans

I'd rather read about it

Than live it again

– improvgreg


Honorable Mentions

"An awesome writer,

Eggers is," says Yoda. "My

Children he can have."

– Kelly Coyle

Lolcat in your boat

Katrina took my capnip

Can I haz book now?
– simonbarsinister

I deserve the book.

I'm a Nigerian prince

living in London.

– Dasbub

I like Dave Eggers

Cute girls see this on my shelf

Everybody wins

– Subdrill

The man in the mosque.

The woman breaking her fast.

I am just like them.

– Marsha Keefer


Congratulations to all those who won a signed copy of Zeitoun. Dave Eggers is eager to read the winning haikus so I'll be sending it to his folks as soon as I get the chance.

Next steps? I'll be collecting addresses and will send the books as soon as I get them.