Rich Fulcher gives Hollywood the finger.

Funnyman Rich Fulcher (Twitter), whose work you may know from The Mighty Boosh (he plays "Eleanor," "Bob Fossil," and other characters), has a new book out this week. "Tiny Acts of Rebellion" contains a wide assortment of little recipes for how one might stick it to the proverbial man.

To prepare for the book's launch, Mr. Fulcher is "sticking it" to a number of cities, quite literally, in a series of internet videos which feature the comedian giving the finger to all that we love and hold dear.

First: Hollywood.

(A special nod to Boing Boing Video editor Eric Mittleman, who shot and directed this fine piece of work, and to background dancer Ruth Waytz, whose moves are described as "Fosse-esque.").

Rich Fulcher flips off LA (YouTube)

Where could he possibly be headed next?

The Tiny Acts of Rebellion book: official website / buy it on Amazon.

The song you're hearing in this video is "Jean City" by UK band Trash Money (web, MySpace).