Taiwan city launches new cash-for-poop initiative

no dumping.pngThe environmental committee of the city of Taichung, Taiwan is trying something different to clean up its streets — it's offering $3 in shopping vouchers per kilogram of dog poop collected. From the city council's web site:

By means of offering rewards, the bureau hopes to goad the public into spontaneous clean-up efforts that protect the environment.

The problem in Taiwan isn't that dog owners don't pick up poop — it's more an issue of strays, where pet owners get bored of their dogs and leave them on the streets. The poop initiative seems like an odd, half-assed initiative given the greater issue of animal negligence on the island (180,000 strays among a population of 23 million people, according to Reuters), but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Fetch! City pays for dog poo