Urban surveillance as a game?

Snitches and snoops wanted: Internet Eyes is a new "game" where the public is invited to watch thousands of CCTV cameras for criminal activity. The most successful crimespotters can win cash prizes. The site will also feature a rogues gallery of alleged perpetrators. The service launches next month in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. It's free to watch the cameras and £20 a week to have your CCTV up for monitoring.

From the Internet Eyes site (image above from Wikimedia Commons):


The locations of the feeds are not disclosed and Viewers reporting remain anonymous. Viewers can earn money by detecting an event that matches the above scenarios. The Viewers notification is sent to an SMS device of the owner of the video feed. The owner of the video feed is known as a Customer. The customer will also get a screenshot sent to their Customer Control Panel. As a Viewer you'll need to be quick if you're certain of activity as there maybe other Viewers watching the same video feeds. Only the first notification gets through.
Internet Eyes

From the Daily Mail:

(Company founder) Tony Morgan, a former restaurant owner, said it would give local businesses protection against petty criminals, and act as a deterrent once 'Internet Eyes patrol here' signs are prominently displayed…

'There are over four million CCTV cameras in the UK and only one in a thousand gets watched, (he said). 

'Crimes are bound to get missed but this way people the cameras will be watched by lots of people 24-hours-a-day.

'It gives people something better to do than watching Big Brother when everyone is asleep.

'We've had a lot of interest from local businesses and hope to roll it out nationwide and then worldwide.'

Internet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded 'snooper's paradise'

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