Boing Boing guest blogger: Connie Choe!


I'm pleased to welcome our new guest blogger to Boing Boing: Connie Choe! I met Connie last month at Machine Project's krautfest 2009, where Connie and her mother, Granny Choe, showed everyone how to make kimchi. Take it away, Connie!

Good people of Boing Boing, I hope you appreciate the fact that this picture has been censored for your sake. I'm not flashing the camera or anything… In fact, I'd probably be the last person on the interweb to let the girls go out for a public swim. Yes, there's a good chance that I'm the most annoyingly squeaky clean, law-abiding citizen you will ever virtually meet, and if I were half as smart as I used to be, I would take advantage of this by starting a career in politics. Unfortunately, politics makes me sleepy and large crowds of people make me hyperventilate. It's a shame, really. The censorship is due to the fact that I'm wearing a big company logo and I didn't want to offend you with shameless self-promotion. 

I'm a health and culture writer whose work has appeared in Shape magazine and on I'm also co-founder of a burgeoning kimchi empire: the award-winning Granny Choe's Kimchi Co.

For the next two weeks I'll be sharing about the little things that amuse me personally including health/psych news, the cleverness of Asians, and squirrels.