Mexican Day of the Dead antique prints

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The British Museum is hosting two exhibitions of Mexican artwork and culture – "Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler" and "Revolution on paper: Mexican prints 1910-1960" – and displaying Day of the Dead papier mâché figures and an altar, created by Mexican artist Adriana Amaya and children. Tied to these major exhibits and Dia de los Muertos, Redstone Press has issued a neat box set of oversized postcards, titled Calaveras: Mexican Prints for the Day of the Dead.

 Images Calaverrrr

 Images Calaberrrrr

The set contains 22 postcards by Mexican printmakers Manuel Manilla (1830-1895) and J. G. Posada (1852-1913). The Redstone Press site posted a sample of these great prints, as did the Daily Telegraph. (Thanks, Mike Love!)