No cross-dressing at Morehouse College

Morehouse College has added a new item to its dresscode, which prohibits students from wearing pajamas in public, sagging pants, and do-rags. The all-male, private college has now banned crossdressing. From CNN:

"We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men," (vice president for student services Dr. William Bynum) said.

Before the school released the policy, Bynum said, he met with Morehouse Safe Space, the campus' gay organization.

"We talked about it and then they took a vote," he said. "Of the 27 people in the room, only three were against it."

Those breaking the policy will not be allowed to go to class unless they change. Chronic dress-code offenders could be suspended from the college.

"All-male college cracks down on cross-dressing"