Pedestrian nearly drops briefcase

Imagine how upset he would have been if his briefcase had been run over. (Via A Welsh View)

UPDATE: In the comments, igpajo linked to the Google Translate version of the story (which was in Russian). I think all news stories should be written in Russian, and run through Google Translate, don't you?

"Mad" bus rammed 20 cars and in the center of Perm

PERM. On the morning of October 19, 2009 unguided bus rioted in the center of Perm. This affected about 20 cars, several people were injured.

According to "UralInformByuro" traffic police officer on the Perm edge Gaynanov Arthur, a 67 passenger bus route brakes failed. Multi-ton vehicle rolled down the hill, and having traveled 5 blocks the Komsomol prospectus, inhibited only the stage near the Cathedral Square.

On the way to the bus "collected" nearly 2 dozen "cars and". The exact number of victims is established. According to preliminary data, injuring 4 people who were in the bus torpedoed foreign car, all of them hospitalized. It is noted that the number of injured could rise.

According to unofficial information, "went berserk" assembled from various parts of the "Mercedes" 80 years of manufacture. At the time of failure of the brakes he was moving with a sufficiently high velocity, which explains its long-term uncontrolled "journey".