Walt Disney on the Tank Riot podcast

Viktor from the Tank Riot podcast (one of my favorite podcasts!) sez, "Tank Riot just released a new podcast about the the life, works, controversies and urban legends of the animator everyone thinks they know. From Mickey Mouse in Plane Crazy to Donald Duck and Pluto, we discuss the animators like Ubbe Iwerks and the voice actors like Clarence 'Ducky' Nash and Pinto Colvig that made all of the myths possible."

Haven't listened to this yet, but I'm really looking forward to it!

Walt Disney

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Animal mummies from the Cairo museum

Marilyn sez, "Why did the ancient Egyptians go to such trouble to mummify animals? A 17-foot, knobby-backed crocodile, buried with baby croc mummies in its mouth, for example, or tiny scarab beetles and the dung balls they ate. An antelope, a kitten, a baboon.

Some were pets, some were sacred animals, and some were just"gourmet jerky for the hereafter." But which were which? Here's a story about zooarchaeology: the study of ancient animal remains.

I like the last photo in this gallery, showing a mummified baboon from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. An x-ray revealed missing canines, which may indicate the animal was a pet, with teeth removed to 'prevent nipping royal fingers'".

Animal Mummies

(Thanks, Marilyn!)

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Awesome gamer-geek lesbian wedding

Offbeat Bride celebrates the wedding of Anli and Laura, two Australian gamer-geek women who had a genuinely awesome wedding! I would have blogged this yesterday, but I was off celebrating my own anniversary (we were married in Toronto's weird white-elephant castle, Casa Loma, in steampunk drag, by a magician in Templar robes who recited Jabberwocky and made the rings appear in gouts of flame).

We wanted a ceremony that reflected our geeky, romantic, pink aesthetic, while at the same time being profound and meaningful. Our ceremony was themed around the video game Portal and the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena.

We incorporated lots of geeky details, from the table names (Revolution, Sierra, Katara and GLaDOS) to the choice of music. We also kept several traditional elements such as bouquets, dresses and bridesmaids. However, we both walked down the aisle unaccompanied and skipped the garter/bouquet toss.

Anli & Laura's Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding

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Italian politician sues 4000+ YouTube commenters

Davide sez, "Guess how Italian politicians take care of comments on YouTube against them? On 22 October, Cuffaro laid charges with regard to the first 4609 comments on a video clip on You Tube, entitled 'Costanzo Show: Totò Cuffaro aggredisce Giovanni Falcone' (video clip posted on You Tube on 14 January 2007). Antonio Di Pietro decided to pay defence for all."

We will defend you all from Cuffaro

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Zombie/Scooby Doo mashup illo

I like Dr. Monster's Scooby Doo/zombie flick remix here -- nicely in keeping with the crazy zombapocalypse dreams I had all last night (no doubt inspired by Zombieland, which we saw yesterday, and which was excellent).

'we've got some work to do now' alt. version

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Lavishly terrible writing, illustrated lavishly

Joel Stickley's "How To Write Badly Well" blog lavishly illustrates some of the rules for good/bad writing. I usually give my writing students a copy of the excellent Turkey City Lexicon, but this makes a nice (and hilarious) adjunct:

Joe Stockley paced the floor of his office and cursed under his breath. Dammit, he thought, why am I such a brilliant writer that no-one ever understands the depth and complexity of my work? It's almost as if I'm the only real person in the world and all the other people are just automatons! No, that can't be (he thought). Can it...?

Just then, he was interrupted by the ringing of his top of the range iPhone 3GS (32GB).

'Hello?' he said, his voice booming with a timbre which was capable of simultaneously charming his many admirers and intimidating any who dared oppose him.

'Hello Joe,' a mellifluous voice came floating back. 'It's your loving wife here.'

'Hello, my beautiful-beyond-compare, talented and intelligent wife,' said Joe, his laughter reverberating around the expensive fixtures and fittings of his luxurious house.

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Halloweens of yore, remembered through costumes.

Gareth Branwyn says, "Paul Overton of DudeCraft has been running a series of well-known bloggers writing about their Halloween memories. Here's mine."

Snip from Gar's wonderful contribution:

The above picture is from one of the years (1984?) where we were living in a group house and the whole group went as The Addams Family. That's the "real" Patch Adams as Gomez. We were a house of all impressively eccentric people, so going as the Addams Family wasn't much of a stretch. I'm Cousin It, on the left. My whole-hair body is made from a crapload of fake fur material. It was hot as hell in there and I couldn't see very well out of the eye-holes, which brings us full circle to those arrested memories of my childhood. I may still find myself in sweaty, restrictive costumes, but I can assure you that the view from my ill-cut eye-holes is far more exciting than anything that little suburban unfortunate ever could have imagined.

Halloween Stories - Gareth Branwyn - Mr. Wonderful et al [Dudecraft] Read the rest

Alice Cooper on the Soupy Sales show, 1979.

The great American comedian and entertainer Soupy Sales passed away last week. Bob Merlis, who is the publicist for '70s rock icon Alice Cooper, tells Boing Boing,

We were sad to hear of Soupy Sales' death and were reminded that Alice had been a guest of his about 30 (very) odd years ago. We found the clip and are happy to share it with millions of Soupy fans that are out there. Alice recalled Soupy:

"Being from Detroit, I came home everday and watched Soupy at lunch. One of the greatest moments of my life was getting piefaced by Soupy. He was one of my all time heros."

Alice Cooper on The Soupy Sales Show 1979. Read the rest

Norman Rockwell, "King of Photoshop"

Over at Gizmodo, Wilson Rothman has a great post up about a new book on the photography and the creative process of Norman Rockwell. Ron Schick edited and compiled the collection.

Gizmodo's Wilson calls Rockwell "the original king of Photoshop," despite the obvious fact that Rockwell reigned on those corny Saturday Evening Post covers long before Adobe (or image editing software of any kind) emerged. Snip:

The book is not about painting. Rockwell's oil-on-canvas work feels like an afterthought for Schick, who mostly documents Rockwell's photography and art direction. Throughout the book, you see a painting, then you see the photographs he took to make that painting. In most cases, many shots comprise the different elements, and are joined together only in paint. It's almost sad: Vivid interactions between people, remembered jointly in the country's collective consciousness, may never have taken place. Even people facing each other at point blank range were photographed separately, and might never have even met.

The Gizmodo post has more amazing side-by-side photos.

Here's an Amazon link for the book: Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera. Read the rest

"Chap-Hop History" by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer, played on a banjolele

Banjoleles are the coolest kind of ukulele, as evidenced in this magnificent video by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer.

"Other rappers can't stand me, but give me respect. They do give respect really. I mean they do act tough, but generally speaking, they're awfully nice chaps."

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Futuristic workspace looks like a dinosaur egg

Do you like to block the world out completely when you're working at your desk? Copenhagen-based design team GamFratesi has created a prototype for a sleek, dinosaur egg-like work environment that they call Rewrite. It reminds me of those cubicles they had at my grad school library, except they're a lot nicer-looking.

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Another Hardcore Moment from Nature

This is a kea. Isn't he cute? Happy, little green parrot...tra la la.

This little parrot will mess your s**t up. If you are a sheep. Image courtesy Flickr user PhillipC, via CC.

Happy, little green parrot who calmly burrows through the still-living flesh of sheep and dines upon their kidney fat while they lay bleating in terror. No, really. You can see a video here. Watch Clip 4, starting about two minutes in.

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German arm wrestler Matthias Schlitte has a gigantic right arm

Superpunch has several photos and videos of champion arm wrestler Matthias Schlitte. If you look closely, his right arm appears to be larger than his left arm. Read the rest

Music made from YouTube baby videos

Eclecticmethod turns YouTube baby videos into fun music. Read the rest

BMW drives on top of other cars in parking lot (video)

Police are still trying to find the driver of a BMW station wagon who drove on top of two other cars in a North Toronto gym parking lot, then left the scene. Read the rest

Hello Kitty "Anatomy" series

MediCom has issued a Hello Kitty "Anatomy" series of toys, designed by Dr. Romanelli. I like the antiqued version at right.

Anatomically Correct Hello Kitty... Not What You're Thinking" (via Tokyo Mango) Read the rest

Father kidnaps daughter's killer

Emerson says:"In a French court, a German doctor is found guilty in absentia of manslaughter, for the death of a 14 year old girl. Germany refuses to extradite. Twenty seven years later the girl's father drops off the gagged, tied, and beaten doctor on the steps of the French courthouse."

The girl's father, André Bamberski, had long campaigned for [Cardiologist Dieter] Krombach's extradition, claiming the physician injected his daughter with a toxic substance in an attempt to rape her. Krombach was later convicted of sexually assaulting another female patient and barred from practicing medicine. Bamberski has been released on bail while authorities investigate the kidnapping, while Krombach remains in French custody and is likely to face a new trial.

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