Artist says, "We will rebuild the economy — with antimatter!"


In a new exhibit opening in just a few weeks, conceptual artist Jonathon Keats will propose an antimatter-based mirror economy designed to boom as the regular-ole economy continues to tank.

"Economic equilibrium is upset by our unbalanced pursuit of material wealth," says the artist. "My plan is to offset materialism with modern science, by exploiting the economic potential of antimatter, which is the physical opposite of anything made with atoms, from luxury condos to private jets."


The bank will serve as a hub for antimatter transactions worldwide, eventually financing
the building of antimatter infrastructure and providing the public with a full range of
investment opportunities. "But our first order of business will be printing money," says
Mr. Keats. "Cash is the foundation of any economy, and an anti-economy is no

Issued in three convenient denominations, ranging from 10,000 positrons to 1,000,000
positrons, and initially trading at an exchange rate of $10 to $1,000, the anti-money will
be backed by antimatter stored in the bank's vault. Because matter and antimatter
annihilate each other on contact, antimatter positrons will be continuously produced on
location by decay of the radioactive isotope potassium-40.

The First Bank of Antimatter show opens Nov. 12 at Modernism, Inc. gallery in San Francisco.
Press release (PDF)
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(thanks, Mark Robinson!)