Arthur Goldwag on the queen of the "birther" movement

Guestblogger Arthur Goldwag is the author of "Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies: The Straight Scoop on Freemasons, The Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Black Helicopters, The New World Order, and many, many more" and other books.

Orlybirthhhh-3Hello everybody. I'm excited to be guest-blogging for Boing Boing for the next two weeks and I look forward to meeting some of you–many of you, I hope–through your comments. As you know, I am the author of the book "Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies", which Vintage published last summer. Around the time the book came out, I started my own blog, where I have been posting fairly regularly, sometimes about other things, but mostly on the issues of the day as they pertain to cults, conspiracies and secret societies. In this season of birtherism, 9/11 Truth, death panels, sweat lodge homicides, C-Street Christians, The Lost Symbol, rogue balloons and Northwest Airline jets, I've had no lack of fodder.

I make no effort to disguise my predispositions and biases–I am respectfully agnostic on most religious issues, lean leftwards politically, and am resolutely skeptical when it comes to the paranormal or the outlandish. I hope I am not dogmatic or snide or gratuitously ad hominem, but please don't hesitate to call me out if I am. Today's entry features conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz, DDS Esq., the Moldovian-born emigrant (via Israel) to Orange County, California who has become instantly recognizable to Cable TV news viewers as "the wide-eyed queen of the so-called birther movement–that subset of individuals who still, despite all evidence, don't believe Obama was born a citizen of the United States" (Time magazine — click here for their "2-minute bio").

On Friday, October 30, Federal District Judge David O. Carter issued a devastating 30-page ruling, dismissing Barnet et al vs Obama et al, the case Taitz had been pursuing on behalf of independent party candidates for the presidency, including Alan Keyes, as well as active duty military personnel who don't acknowledge Obama's legitimacy as Commander in Chief. The defendants included Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Taitz responded to this latest setback to her quest to overturn the election of 2008 with a blast on her website, in which she compared herself to another victim of character assassination, Sarah Palin. As my mother might have said, she
should only be so lucky–then she could quit her triple practice of dentistry, law, and realtoring and reap millions too.

Taitz also revisited the issue of Obama's social security number(s):

There is a vicious circle that you see in a regime. There is no unbiased media. So far no one in our media had integrity of character to report on multiple social security numbers of Obama, even though it is a criminal offense, and with 39 social security numbers a person should be criminally prosecuted and should be serving a lengthy prison term. When media reports nothing, the public and the judges are misinformed. The judges are afraid to make decisions, that they think, will upset the public, and in turn, their timid and lopside decisions influence the media.

Though freepers have been buzzing about the Obama family's social security numbers since last spring, there's been nary a word about the matter in the MSM. Here's the story: Taitz hired two private detectives (former Scotland Yard Inspector Neil Sankey and Ohio Private Investigator Susan Daniels) to look into Obama's past.

According to Taitz's miscellaneous filing on October 11:

These two private investigation reports, although slightly duplicative, show beyond reasonable doubt a pattern of manipulation of Barack Hussein Obama's identity, employment, and residence information. The use of a multitude of social security numbers alone is indicative that Mr. Obama appears to have committed a substantial number of felony violations, including but not limited to violations of 42 U.S.C. §408(a) (7)(B). which shows dishonest political advantage during 2008 election. Plaintiffs submit again that "the American People Reserve the Right to know". Furthermore, the examination and decipherment of the trail of deception so casually left by this successful candidate will (1) lead ultimately to discovery of the truth about his origins and citizenship, (2) reveal the nature of the scheme to defraud by which this Mr. Barack Hussein Obama became President, and (3) show the degree and nature of the collusion of other people and parties in the scheme of defraud leading to his election, including but not limited to the other Defendants.

Daniel's affidavit attests that she discovered that Obama's social security number was issued in the state of Connecticut in the 1970s–and appeared to have been previously assigned to someone who was born in 1890 (who was deceased). Earlier Taitz had submitted a lengthy list of social security numbers associated with people named Dunham, Sutoro, and Barack Obama (also Barok, Baraq, Barake, and Barbara Obama) that Sankey had collected by running the names through Intelius, Lexis Nexis, Choice Point and other publicly accessible sites. He also claimed to have discovered that Obama's late mother had used the social security number of a woman who is alive and well and living in Washington State.

Never mind that there are other Obamas–and even other Barack Hussein Obamas–in the world, and that Internet databases are replete with errors (as are some government databases). Conspiracists have seized on these revelations as proof that Obama used the numbers to launder the ill-gotten money, obtained through drug dealing, Rezko, and Ford Foundation grants, that they believe financed his political machine. And where did he obtain them? According to at least one conspiracist web site, you needn't look far: As a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court Probate Department, Obama's grandmother Madeline Dunham had access to deceased people's social security numbers.

Or perhaps there was an even more sinister source. I'm thinking that the KGB agents who inserted the Kenyan-born Obama into the US as a sleeper years ago assigned him those bogus numbers precisely so that his imposture would be discovered and exposed–but not until after he was elected, precipitating the constitutional crisis that would topple the American Colossus at last. Of course they'd have to have an agent in place to expose him on schedule. And I think I know just who they used.

If Obama is a creation of the Communists, doesn't it stand to reason that the Soviet-born Taitz is their tool as well?