Unfurling: Isabel Rucker's 400-foot-long graphic novel scroll

Rudy Rucker sez, "'Unfurling' is a graphic novel drawn on a scroll of paper by Isabel Rucker, going on display from November 5-27, at the SOMArts gallery in San Francisco.

'Unfurling' stretches over 400 feet long, is a foot high, and is drawn in black ink pen with watery washes. The comic panels vary in length (up to ten feet long) to mirror pauses, vast scenery, or thought patterns. The seven-year project began in 2002, when Isabel decided to free herself from the size of regular pieces of paper, canvas or sketchpad.

The opening party for the 'Unfurling' show " is Thursday, November 5, 2009, 6 p.m.-11 p.m."

"Unfurling" by Isabel Rucker

(Thanks, Rudy!)