Seventh Son: Descent Part IV

Welcome to the fourth serialized installment of J.C. Hutchins' SF thriller 7th Son: Descent (part 1, 2, 3), a novel set in present day featuring human cloning, dangerous technologies, and "beyond Top Secret" government conspiracies .

THE STORY SO FAR: Yesterday, seven men were kidnapped and brought to a secret government science facility. There, they discovered that they were unwitting human clones, with identical flesh and childhood memories. Their creators assembled them to stop the man behind the recent assassination of the U.S. president: a psychopath code-named John Alpha ... the very man they were cloned from years ago.

John, Kilroy2.0, Father Thomas and the other "Beta Clones" were told that Alpha's plans for chaos were just beginning, and he had terrifying technologies at his disposal that permit him to record and implant human memories into anyone. Further, he abducted Dania Sheridan, the woman the clones remember as their mother ... and left a clue for them to find him.

Part IV