More on Supreme Master TV and vegan restaurants

The following is an update to this previous post. So here's another video gem from Supreme Master TV, uploaded and blogged by Robert Popper.

Why doesn't every television news network run stuff like what's in this clip? Say what you will about "God's Direct Contact," at least her broadcast devotees say thank you to journalists and photographers for doing all we do for "humans and animals," and "especially while on duty." I'd like to hope they think that what we do here at Boing Boing "uplifts the atmosphere of the world."

A number of Boing Boing readers responded to my earlier post with personal stories of (apparently quite tasty) meals eaten at the vegan restaurant chain owned by personality cult leader Supreme Master Ching Hai. But BB reader HiTek LoLife takes the tofu cake, with a personal anecdote re-blogged in full after the jump.

BB reader HiTek LoLife says,

My story about "Supreme Master's" crazy cult and restaurant:

They opened a restaurant in downtown San José on Santa Clara st. back maybe 15 yrs.(?) ago conveniently named "Supreme Master of Meditation Suma Ching Hai's International Vegetarian House Restaurant" (they were somehow able to fit all of that plus a picture of "Supreme Master" herself on a tiny awning over the door). The name has since been shortened but I used to love reciting it verbatim to folks as a vegetarian restaurant suggestion.

Anyway, when it first opened I dropped in on a whim one day and was treated to a giant screen indoctrination video of "Supreme Master" (pre blond bleach job) addressing a soccer stadium full of hapless minions while I enjoyed a reasonably good vegetarian meal in the otherwise empty dining room.

As she launched into some rant about being able to bring the "true beauty and peace of the world" into my life I heard shouting coming from the open window I was seated next to and was treated the spectacle of a drunken vagrant in the parking lot pissing himself while loudly fighting an invisible opponent.

Just as she raised her hand and said something like "Now feel the power of God!" he took a staggering dive and hit the pavement, (evidently K.O.d by his invisible opponent). He then lifted his head and puked profusely, stared down at his output and exclaimed "Now who the fuck did that?".

The last thing I remember her saying was something like "Remember that here today I have shown you God's beauty and power at work in the world".

The whole experience was just so perfectly synchronized for unintended comedy.

Sometimes I think life's random events just conspire to entertain me.