HOWTO roll your own pumpkin pie spices

Boing Boing pal Blackhound believes that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie is serious business, and he offers a photo-tutorial on how to prepare spices for said pie for maximum deliciousness.

Pie, like most of the food I make, I like to make from scratch. Call me a slow foodie, call me obsessive compulsive, just don't call me late for pie! So here, days before Thanksgiving, I start my meal preparations not with brining a turkey (a practice I frown upon, btw), but with the most basic of ingredients for that most essential of dishes: the pumpkin pie spices, (1) cinnamon, (2) ginger, (3) nutmeg, and (4) allspice.

But is grinding your own spices actually better?

Spoiler: Yes! Otherwise, this blog post would consist of the HOWTO instructions, "buy boxed spice-dust at grocery store. open container. shake. repeat."

PUMPKIN PIE SPICES, OR HOW TO ROLL YOUR OWN. Includes advice on tools and portions and where to find spices in the raw.