Cocaine-stuffed chicken smuggled into US by Guatemalan man


This is your chicken on drugs. Wagner Mauricio Linares Aragon, a 32-year-old citizen of Guatemala, was arrested at Dulles Int'l. Airport when authorities discovered that the cooked chicken he brought with him on a flight from El Salvador was stuffed with about $4,000 worth of cocaine.

Inside the chicken's cavity they found two small, clear bags that contained about 60 grams – about 2.3 ounces – of powder cocaine.

Cavity, hehehhe. The chicken was cooked, not alive, but I like the trippy look in the eyes of the rooster above. [image: "Little Chicken," from the CC-licensed Flickr stream of hdodd/poppy]

Update: In the comments, Boing Boing reader Lobster suggests that this recipe for drug smuggling henceforth be known as "Chicken Cordon Blow." Win.