In case you missed it: Demi Moore's lawyers threaten Boing Boing over photo analysis post

December, 2009: You were enjoying the holidays, drinking nog, wrapping prezzies, hugging puppies. Demi Moore's lawyers, on the other hand, were sending nastygrams to Boing Boing. We responded, then blogged.

The whole story's here: "Demi Moore's lawyers threaten Boing Boing over photo analysis blog post."

Don't miss the response letter by Boing Boing's attorneys (PDF)

David Carr of the NYT Media Decoder blog covered the matter here, noting "Decoder was shocked by the insinuation that a fashion magazine might airbrush one of its cover subjects. We have no specific information about what might or might not have happened to the photo. We just know it's a little weird looking."

And Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon wrote, in "Demi's Hip Will Sue Your Ass"—

As we microanalyze the pictures in question, why, you may ask, have Ms. Moore's shapely form and its contentious fractions of flesh become a matter of such great import? It's just a picture, fer chrissakes!

Yes and no. Because we, the magazine-reading, Web-browsing, trend-spotting public are maybe not content to swallow whole whatever image a glossy magazine presents to us. We are skeptical of its provenance. We question its veracity. We look for inconsistencies and compare them. We are furthermore perhaps uncomfortable with the notion that a beautiful, successful lily needs a credibility-stretching measure of gilding, as such images tend to present an unrealistic ideal and piss us off. And finally, while we'd totally have Moore's back if the tabloids were spreading rumors about her personal habits and relationships, the mere fact that she'd demand an apology from a Web site for even raising questions is just pathetic and mockworthy. That's why it matters. Whether her hips lie, unlike Shakira's, is a matter of dispute. But nobody's going to stop us from asking.

(BB reader Mark Koeppen whipped up this animated gif comparing the US and Korea versions of the "W" mag cover featuring Ms. Moore.)