Did TSA post honeypot tweet to catch security directive leaker, using blogger's account?


The unusual tweet above was posted to Steven Frischling's Twitter account just hours after TSA agents served a civil subpoena on the travel blogger last week. The agents showed up and interrogated him about the anonymous source who Gmailed Frischling a leaked copy of the controversial "December 25 incident" TSA security directive.

So, did Frischling himself post that tweet, or did one of the TSA agents who threatened him and took his computer? Snip from Wired Threat Level blog post by Kim Zetter:

According to someone familiar with the incident, one of the TSA agents, while in possession of Frischling's BlackBerry, typed the message in the blogger's Twitter account. He then handed the BlackBerry back to Frischling and asked him to click on the "send" button to post the message to his Flying With Fish Twitter page, the source offered to Threat Level.

Blogger's Twitter Account Implicated in TSA Leak Hunt (Threat Level)
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