Slovak aviation cops sneak explosives into travellers' luggage, jailarity ensues

The Slovak aviation cops decided to test their airport security by planting explosives on travellers without their knowledge, to see if they'd be spotted by the security screeners.

It gets better: the screeners only caught seven out of eight explosive-plants. The remaining one was left in the luggage of an Irish tourist, who was nabbed on his return to Dublin and thrown in jail.

Three days later, the Slovak cops contacted their Irish counterparts, who let the poor bastard out of jail, cordoned off his street, and had the bomb-squad remove the Slovak explosives.

Ludmila Stanova, spokeswoman for Slovakia's ministry of the interior, says Dublin airport was warned to expect a person carrying explosive samples, and that the passenger was also alerted after his arrival.

"He was supposed to wait for the police to take the sample from him," she told the BBC World Service…

On Tuesday morning the man's flat near Dublin city centre was cordoned off while bomb disposal experts removed the explosives for further examination.

The Irish Army said passengers had not been put in danger because the explosives were stable and not connected to any essential bomb parts.

The Slovak minister for the interior has expressed his government's "profound regret" to Mr Ahern.

Slovaks plant explosives on air traveller