Some recommended trans-themed films

ma-vie.jpgHere are a few films I recommend based on my personal tastes. This is by no means exhaustive, inclusive, etc. Feel free to make further suggestions in the comments. Disclosure: Asterisks (*) mark films to which I have a connection.

Best of the best:

  • Ma vie en rose (A family struggles with a gender-variant child. The best scripted film to date, in my opinion)
  • Boys Don't Cry (True story of a trans man murdered in rural Nebraska. The second-best scripted film, in my opinion)
  • The Crying Game (An IRA soldier takes a British soldier hostage and later meets his girlfriend. Explores gender, race, nationality, misogyny)
  • Paris is Burning (Chronicles 90s New York ball culture. One of the best documentaries.)

Other great choices:

  • Different for Girls (Uptight greeting card employee meets former schoolmate in quirky romance)
  • Soldier's Girl* (True-life story about a trans showgirl and her US soldier boyfriend, who is murdered)
  • Transamerica* (Road movie about a trans woman and her long-lost son)
  • Prodigal Sons (Doc on trans woman who returns to her hometown and tries to reconcile with her troubled brother. Theatrical release in March)
  • Red Without Blue (doc on identical twins: one transitions, one doesn't)
  • XXY (Intersex youth struggles with gender identity)

Other documentaries worth a look:

  • Beautiful Boxer (documentary)
  • The Cockettes (documentary)
  • Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She* (documentary)
  • Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria (documentary)
  • She's A Boy I Knew (documentary)
  • Southern Comfort (documentary)
  • Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen (documentary)
  • Transgeneration (documentary)
  • Transparent (documentary)
  • Wigstock: The Movie (documentary)
  • You Don't Know Dick: courageous hearts of transsexual men (documentary)

I linked as many as are available online below.

Recommended trans-themed films