Tell the FCC: don't put a copyright loophole into net neutrality

Tim from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "Last fall, the Federal Communications Commission proposed rules for "Net Neutrality" — a set of regulations intended to help innovation and free speech continue to thrive on the Internet.

But is the FCC's version of Net Neutrality the real deal? Or is it a fake?

Buried in the FCC's rules is a deeply problematic loophole. Open Internet principles, the FCC writes, 'do not… apply to activities such as the unlawful distribution of copyrighted works.'

For years, the entertainment industry has used that innocent-sounding phrase – 'unlawful distribution of copyrighted works' — to pressure Internet service providers around the world to act as copyright cops — to surveil the Internet for supposed copyright violations, and then censor or punish the accused users.

Please visit to learn more and sign EFF's open letter asking the FCC to remove the copyright loophole."

Real Net Neutrality
(Thanks, Tim!)