BB Cartoon Circus: The Weirdest Cartoon Ever!

Swing You Sinners (Fleischer/1930)

I mentioned Grim Natwick in an earlier post, but here is one of his true masterpieces of animation. It would be hard today to find someone with the imagination and skill to pull off such a brilliant piece of dark surrealism, but Grim dashes off the wildest ideas as if he is dreaming while he's drawing. Read more about this remarkable animator after the jump…

It's hard to believe that the same guy who created Betty Boop also animated Snow White, Woody Woodpecker and stylized UPA cartoons. But Grim Natwick did it- it only took a century to do it all. His first credit was on a silent Krazy Kat cartoon and his last was on Richard Williams' "Thief and the Cobbler". Read the articles in ASIFA-Hollywood's online exhibit, Grim Natwick's Scrapbook and find out why I call him the greatest animator who ever lived.



Grim Natwick in New York