Haiti: Photos from the ground, by AIDG's Catherine Lainé


Catherine Lainé of the sustainable tech non-profit AIDG, who was featured in this Boing Boing Video interview on Friday, is in Haiti and has begun uploading photos of what she's witnessing there, as connectivity permits.

House are FLATTENED. Coming in to Port Au Prince, about 1 in 20 had collapsed, then 1 in 10. In Delmas 33 where we were earlier, it's 1:5. People are sleeping outside in makeshift settlements b/c either 1) their house was destroyed 2) their house had significant damage and is visibly unsafe or 3) they are not sure of their home's structural integrity and with all the aftershocks, they are taking no changes. Everyone has lost someone close to them or someone they knew… you can hear gunshots at night though. Daytime seems really safe.

She's uploading images to the AIDG Flickr stream. Unlike the Associated Press, hers are all licensed as Creative Commons images and may be freely re-blogged. Some images may not be properly tagged yet (her access to internet and electricity is sporadic in Haiti), but she's told us that is her intent.