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We're living at the tail end of one of the biggest bursts of creativity in the history of mankind. The 20th century was one of the greatest times to live ever. If we want the 21st century to be even better, we need to WORK on making it great. We need to stop making excuses for amateurism and heartless, soulless, prepackaged, preprogrammed, predigested, canned culture. We need to stop taking the crap that gets handed to us by mainstream media and start supporting real live talented skilled performers of all types.

I'm doing that myself at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive by giving back to the students who want to learn the animation techniques of the past. I hope everyone reading this thread to the end takes a minute to make a charitable contribution or volunteer some time to a local library,, wikipedia or any other non-profit resource that is working to raise the bar for our culture. I know myself from creating a non-profit resource from scratch that it is VERY hard to get by in these times on goodwill alone.

There's a lot of wonderful stuff out there. If you value the arts, become a part of it by giving back to the arts.