Welcome, guestblogger Jessamyn West!

Our next guestblogger is the incomparable activist geek librarian
Jessamyn West, who,
along with other library-hackers like
Jenny Levine are
part of a movement to redefine librarianship in the information
age. I've been enjoying Jessamyn's projects and thoughts for years and
it's a delight to have her here. Here's her official bio:

I'm a library technologist working in rural Vermont teaching people on
the back end of the digital divide how to use computers.

I also help run MetaFilter.com,
especially Ask MetaFilter and
travel around the world talking about library technology issues. My
blog, librarian.net talks a lot
about the intersection of libraries, technology and politics.

I'm grumpy about the USA PATRIOT Act, threats to open access and bad
laws shaping bad culture.

I like moss, snowshoeing, old books and the color orange.

Not only that, but she co-edited Revolting Librarians Redux, one of the most exciting books I've read in the past ten years.

Welcome, Jessamyn!