Cuddle Class couches come to coach on Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has created a "cuddle-class" seating arrangement in its coach cabins: a couple can purchase three seats abreast for a small premium (an extra 25% per passenger), whose footrests come all the way up to the seats in front, forming a lie-flat couch where fliers can recline together. This is also a nice arrangement for parents flying with small kids.

Developed in-house by the airline's designers and engineers, the 22 "Skycouches" will take up the first 11 rows in the economy cabin of the carrier's new Boeing 777-300 planes, and will be formed out of three economy seats abreast that fold out to create a lie-flat space (complete with full size pillows) stretching right up to the seats in front. The increased space could also provide a valuable play and sleep area for those travelling with small children. For two adults travelling, purchasing the Skycouch will be based on buying two seats at standard prices with the third seat at approximately half price. Full airfare details will be announced when it goes on sale in late April.

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Air NZ's new SkyCouch in action