Not a waste of time: Ste Curran's keynote for the 2010 Global Game Jam

We're already just past 24 hours into the 2010 Global Game Jam -- a worldwide weekend where students and developers both indie and professional meet for a high intensity and high concept sprint to develop something new in a desperately short amount of time.

Following last year's top 7 Tyra-Banks-channeling (?!) tips for the jammers given by World of Goo creator and Experimental Gameplay Project co-founder Kyle Gabler, this year's keynote has just been uploaded for public consumption by former Edge magazine editor-at-large and current Zoë Mode creative director Ste Curran.

Curran -- whose debut music-puzzle game Chime is due for release as part of the charity-partnered One Big Game later this week (and more on that then) -- is also co-host of essential games radio show One Life Left, and here takes Jammers on a personal, Vonnegut-referencing journey regarding wastes of time: as in, are games, and how can developers ensure, above all, that they aren't.

Once you're finished with (and are properly inspired by) the video, follow the ongoing efforts of all the individual Jams across the world by visiting the Global Game Jam site and clicking on each team's live stream (if you can tear yourself away from the default puppy cam) and project updates.

Continued best of luck to all the Jammers this weekend!

Global Game Jam 2010, One Life Left