Law firm demands retailer destroy all copies of Olivia Munn comic, retailer refuses



Travis of Heavy Ink says: "Thought you might be interested to hear that lawyers are threatening HeavyInk to remove a parody comic about Olivia Munn. We're fighting back."

Click the image on the right to see the law firm's letter.

Legal challenge to HeavyInk: "destroy all copies of Celebrity Showdown Olivia Munn"

UPDATE: Geoff Gerber, an IP lawyer has an interesting blog post about this. He writes, "There is no absolute defense to a right of publicity claim based upon parody," and "It should also be noted that it is not clear that Celebrity Showdown would be considered a parody." This is getting interesting. I've reached out to Antarctic Comics, the artist Brian Denham, and Olivia Munn for comments about this story, but have so far not gotten a reply from any of them.