The big story out of Japan today isn't fallout from Toyota's global recall, but the exit of sumo bad boy Asashoryu.

The grand champion wrestler announced his retirement today, after allegations he attacked a man in Tokyo last month (and broke his nose).

In a press conference, a teary Asashoryu said, "I am taking responsibility for having caused so much trouble."

Asashoryu (whose real name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj) is a 330 pound Mongolian who rose to the top of Japan's national sport.

And he's no stranger to controversy. In 2003, he was disqualified for pulling the top-knot of an opponent — a big no-no in sumo.

And in 2007, he was suspended after skipping a regional tour due to a claimed injury… and later filmed playing soccer in Mongolia. (Busted.)