Touch Noir: Tribal Games & Mighty Boosh release The Mighty Decider for iPhone


Though Xeni and I still have yet to hold our crimp-off for local number one fan status, it's safe to say that pretty much everyone around these parts is a fan of cult TV/radio/theater supergroup The Mighty Boosh (who you've previously seen on Boing Boing Video here and here and here).

You can imagine, then, my pleasant surprise to learn that the just-launched iPhone debut of SF indie devs Tribal Games is this: The Mighty Decider, an app created in partnership with the Booshes themselves.

Though the App Store has no general lack of magic-8-ball-alikes, The Mighty Decider is quite clearly the only of its kind that lets you (as pictured above): coin flip with Boosh universe urban legend The Crack Fox, have your fortune told by freelance shaman Naboo the Enigma, spin a bottle of Bob Fossil's heady love potion, and, of course, seek advice from the cheerfully obtuse Moon.

The Boosh's own Noel 'Vince Noir' Fielding created much of the artwork you see in the App, and all the cast provided their own voice work, including an all-too-familiar app-starting red curtain introduction, making it basically an essential digital bit of collectible Boosh fandom.

The Mighty Decider is available in the App Store now [iTunes link], and is currently on sale for its introductory weekend.