Chinese netizens stage virtual protest

It's a direct challenge to China's Internet filtering regime… shot entirely within World of Warcraft.

"War of Internet Addiction" is an hour-long protest machinima. It satirizes Beijing's attempt to "harmonize" China's Internet with forced installations of the Green Dam censorware.

Bit of background. "Harmonize" (å'Œè°) is popular China Net-speak for being censored (as it's done under the slogan of "constructing a harmonious society.")

"War of Internet Addiction" was directed by Twitter user CorndogCN, and made with dozens of volunteers on no budget (other than WoW fees).

According to, more than 10 million Chinese netizens have seen the movie.

To navigate the language barriers and cultural in-jokes, read the in-depth analysis by DigiCha and Youku Buzz.

Check it out while you can. It hasn't been harmonized… yet.

(Thanks, Bill!)