Romantic V-day song

djBC sez, "For Valentine's Day. Ska/Punk brats Big D and The Kids Table grow up and invent 'Stroll Music,' a fusion of classic R&B, ska, reggae, jazz, and rock. This tune reminds me of the best things about 'Exile On Main Street' – it's a paean to the healing power of travel, adventure and instant relocation. The video was made on a shoestring budget (the flashing lights outside were controlled by kids flicking light switches in time with the music), but they was somehow able to wrangle an airplane, and much of it was shot in the same building as Saw 2 (!). Favorite quote: 'You're much happier when you sing / about how much you dig everything.'"

BIG D & THE KIDS TABLE – We Can Live Anywhere
(Thanks, djBC!)