Forced exorcism in Hong Kong shopping mall

You don't need to be demon-possessed to experience an exorcism. Just walk into the wrong shopping mall in Hong Kong.

A Taoist master is accused of trying to extort nearly $5,000 for an unsolicited exorcism. From CNNGo:

We're strolling through a shopping mall, minding our own business, when we're suddenly pounced on by a Taoist priest telling us that we're possessed by an evil ghost who is hell-bent on killing us within three days. Temple workers proceed to grab hold of us and an exorcism is performed despite our protests. After an hour of struggle, the evil ghost is purged and we're asked to cough up HK$36,000 for the Taoist priest's good deed.

At least that's the picture that a 23-year-old woman surnamed Tang presented to the police. The priest's disciples even filmed the entire process of the exorcism and put it on Youtube. The woman was held down by five people while the priest covered her head with a red cloth. While she struggled, she was told to keep silent as the priest and his disciples were talking to the ghost.

The forced exorcism is captured on video (see above), and produced -- along with animated dramatization -- by Hong Kong's Next Media. (This is the same group made famous worldwide for the Tiger Woods car crash animation.)

Not quite Linda Blair. But definitely worse than that unsolicited cologne spritz at the mall.

Thanks Zoe!