Noby Boy iPhone app for kindergartners, businessmen alike

What makes Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi so easy to love? It's got a lot to do with stuff like this: a series of videos to promote the iPhone version of his delightfully obscure PS3 downloadable Noby Noby Boy, first announced at GDC 2009 and due for release on the App Store in a matter of days.

The videos surely depict exactly what the Noby team's whiteboard meetings must be like, with hand-crafted puppet and cardboard-cutout versions of Noby characters each insisting on new features for the App to attract more than five million users worldwide, targeting diverse demographics of kindergartners, party people, businessmen, planners, and music lovers alike.

The first of twelve planned videos is above, with another five below — keep watching the game's just-relaunched and wildly inventive new Web Web Boy page or iPhone YouTube channel for more as they appear, or join the official Noby Noby Boy Facebook page for new updates.